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Siddhrans Infotech offers Application Development Platform(ADP) and Azure.In that ADP refers to a suite of technology that can help enterprises in designing, developing and deploying their applications and Azure refers to give complete cloud platform that can host your existing applications and streamline new application development.

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Application SSO migration from OKTA to Azure ADP

An acronym for single sign-on. In a SSO system, a user logs in once to the system and can access multiple systems without being prompted to sign in for each one.SSO enables users to remember and manage fewer passwords and usernames for each application.It streamlines the process of signing on and using applications .No need to reenter passwords.It lessens the chance of phishing.SSO vendors includes Okta, Rippling, Avatier Identity Anywhere, OneLogin options.

OKTA is a cloud-based SSO platform that allows users to enter one name and password to access multiple is a tool with an SSO functionality. Okta also supports 2FA and is primarily utilized by enterprise users.

Okta enables single sign-on for hybrid deployments with Azure ADP. Customers using Azure cloud applications like O365 are provisioned by default in Azure ADP. For synchronizing user accounts from on-premises ADP into Azure ADP there are several serious trade-offs around on-premises footprint, availability and security.Azure integrates the cloud services that you need to develop, test, deploy, and manage your applications, all while taking advantage of the efficiencies of cloud computing.