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  • Website Design / Redesign
  • On date and relevant and continually refreshed.
  • Advanced technology and Advanced work
  • Best offer in E-commerce website for number of products
  • Number of problems and solutions.
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  • Traffic controller and analysing the website
  • We can maintain the website with Security and there back up.
  • Once we start the work we keep the back up for each and every client.
  • E-commerce website is very easy to maintain
  • Cost reduction through long-term customer loyalty
  • A new target group also means additional revenue
  • Compare products and get the least pricing
  • Higher transaction value through business purchases
  • Advanced filter options for sellers and order status updates for customer
  • The personal and yet serious design of B2B Shops
  • Clear structure and collaborative shopping
  • The opportunity to expand
  • Increased brand awareness through an additional channel
  • Expose your brand to wider audience by capitalizing on social media
  • Simplify user entries and enrollments
  • Set national and international shipping costs for each product
  • Set your sales channel in offline mode while on vacation
  • Hassle-free product management options for Sellers and Marketplace operator
  • Instruct and guide throughout
  • Keep yourself, your sellers and customers informed
  • Integrated live updates on progress, possessions and payments
  • Stay connected with your sellers
  • A simple mechanism to calculate individual commissions

B2C Ecommerce Solution:

B2C is the short form that is used for Business to Consumer, Here the Business will start with Consumer and end with Consumer, that is called as business to Consumer, when we design the website that would be business to Consumer e-commerce website that will be easy for provider and business person also.

Better knowledge and customer satisfaction.

By registering customers' needs immediately and accurately, customer will get new market opportunities, customer can understand the market through online.

Shopping as Experience

(In the case of direct interaction between manufacturer and customers on the Web) the creative aspects of configuration represent a special experience for many customers. The process is therefore suitable to emotionally tie customers to a product by allowing them to become designers. But integrating customers into the design process not only strenghtens identification with the product, it also results in a positive percepetion of the actual sales process. This directly affects customers' satisfaction with the acquired product, particularly in the field of online-retailing.

  • Product – price, sales history etc.
  • Customers – sales history and forecast.
  • Suppliers - Product line and lead-duration, sales terms and conditions.
  • Product process – capacity, product plan.
  • Competitors – market share product offerings.
  • Sales and marketing – promotions.
  • Supply chain process – quality, delivery time etc.
Higher Customer Loyalty

Information gained during the configuration process (product specifications, customer profiles, etc.) work in favour of durable customer relationships. On one hand, this information can be used to address customers individually. On the other hand, it can be accessed and re-used for follow-up orders. A second configuration will therefore be significantly quicker than the initial one. This provides an incentive for customers to remain loyal to the company rather than switch to another company and restart the entire configuration process from scratch